Bring Fight Night To Your Church

Lets’ face it, all couples fight. Learn how to fight a Good Fight

Join us for a fun event filled with humor, fresh insight, and new strategies for your relationship. Fight Night; How to Fight Fair is for everyone – newlyweds, “oldyweds,” seriously dating, engaged couples – anyone wanting to make a good relationship great.

What you’ll learn

Round One: Why We Fight

Round Two: How to Fight a Good Fight

    • Bridging the Gender Gap in our Fights
    • Avoiding the Four Red Flags of Conflict
    • Discover the Surprisingly Effective Conflict Card
    • Learn the Secret to Keeping a Cool Head and a Warm Heart
    • How 10 Minutes out of Your Week Will Diminish Conflict


What couples are saying about Fight Night

I thought this would be a huge waste of time, but it turned out to be the best thing we could have done for our relationship.
James Murphy, San Diego, CA
The Parrotts’ humor makes learning fun. This seminar was a blast!
Sandy Sun, Chicago, IL
We’ve used the resources the Parrotts provided to build on what we learned at the seminar. It is excellent.
Nick Canton, Kansas City, MO

See a preview of Fight Night

Reasons To Bring Fight Night To Your Church

    • Shared risk model, it’s economical
    • A male-friendly marriage event for couples at any age or stage
    • Small group kits available for follow-up study
    • A multi-team promotional effort – you are not promoting alone
    • One night only! Instead of an entire day or weekend
    • Practical take home tools guaranteed to improve marriages immediately
Dr. Ed Young, Pastor
Dr. Ed Young, PastorSecond Baptist Church Houston
“Les and Leslie are clever and candid. They are two of the most gifted, entertaining, and honest communicators I know.”
Dave Ramsey, Founder
Dave Ramsey, FounderFinancial Peace University
“Les and Leslie are the go-to couple for enjoying lifelong love. Fight Night will knock your socks off. Don’t miss it!”
Dr. Henry Cloud
Dr. Henry CloudAuthor of Boundaries
“The Parrott’s message is so valuable. They will help you find real solutions for real life problems.”
John Ortberg, Teaching Pastor
John Ortberg, Teaching PastorMenlo Park Presbyterian
“The Parrotts will revolutionize your relationship. Few people I know are more equipped to coach people into healthy, God-honorring intimacy than Les and Leslie.”